Ian Burden and Rutland Artspace Limited celebrates art and we will be featuring art that we like. Pictures will be added to the gallery from now on, some of which will be available for sale.

Paul William Jenkins

Ian Burden

Some of Ian’s art is available for sale on the Pledge Music website.

John Varden

“I have a BA in FINE ART and taught art in its many forms for 35 years.

Following my retirement I devoted my time to further developing my own work, selling many of my pieces via the internet and private commissions.I have work in collections in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia,as well as in the UK.

I am now looking to extend my audience further and hope that visitors to this site will also enjoy my work.

My current paintings are mainly based upon landscape and the human form, and I love to vary the media I use when creating my work,which in itself can often influence the direction and outcome of a piece.” – John Varden

John’s art is available to buy at Art2Arts

Kalpana Soanes

Kalpana Soanes grew up sketching pictures in the sand on the shores of East Africa. However, this simple existence was short-lived. Her flamboyant style had begun to draw crowds. Naturally, she took commissions. Not for money, just cake, or simply, compliments. She developed her skills every single day, experimented with new techniques and frequently sketched pictures in public. Spurred on by the interest it generated, Kalpana started selling her artwork at a very young age. She liaised with local businesses and soon her work was scattered all over the world. Next, she enjoyed an exciting career in technology, worked and lived in different countries in Europe and abroad for several years. However, something was not right. She missed the good old days. Eventually, her inner artist broke free of corporate serfdom. Now based in a quaint British village, Kalpana Soanes is a full-time artist. Using acrylics and oils, she creates seascapes, landscapes and abstracts on canvas.

Kalpana’s art is available to buy at Art2Arts

Michelle Gibbs

I’ve been painting and drawing from as far back as I can remember. I’m inspired by what I see and have a particular interest in the sky and the beautiful colours and cloud formations that are created. I love the fact you will only ever see that formation once before it’s gone very quickly.

I have taken thousands of photos of sunsets over the years and live near the sea so often run down to the beach with my camera to capture a moment.

I have been lucky enough to have spend time travelling to some amazing places. From the blues and greens of the great barrier reef in Australia, to the orange and reds of the Fijian sunsets, travelling has brought vibrancy and energy into my work. Through the unique combinations of colour and texture I am able to express my experiences and share them in a contemporary and sometimes abstract form. It is my aim to transform my canvas into one filled with energy, inspiration, dedication and light.

I love to work with bright and uplifting colours and was labelled a colourist by by my art tutors. I enjoy playing around with how different combinations work together. I tend to build up multiple glazes to create luminosity allowing light to shine through each glaze.

I am a full time artist as well as a part time art tutor. Painting from a studio at home, I tend to be working on several projects simultaneously, often returning to a piece trying something new and inspiring.

My paintings can be found in private collections both in the UK and internationally.

All my paintings are one-off originals and all come with a certificate of authenticity. I also welcome commissions should you have something specific in mind.

Art available to buy at – Art2Arts